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Wining and Dining

Canberra is the Australian base for diplomatic missions from all over the world, and this has resulted in a wide variety of restaurants. Eating out can be a cosmopolitan ‘feast* in the national capital. Hie city has approximately 300 restaurants specialising in modern Australian cuisine and a host of traditional ethnic styles including Asian, Mediterranean, Turkish and Russian.

Good wine is the natural accompaniment to a good meal - the Canberra district has 36 wineries producing a range of fine cool-dimate wines.

Wines were first produced in the area in the 1860s, but the burgeoning of boutique wineries in the region has only occurred in recent decades. The wineries are clustered around the townships of Hall and Murrumbateman to the north of Canberra, and Bungendore to the east. The wineries are almost exclusively small.

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