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Plenty/ Sandover Regions 4WD

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Driving doesn’t get anymore 'outback' than on the roads from Alice Springs to Queensland. Wildf lowers, spinifex and plenty of bulldust.


This is the most direct route from Boulia in western Queensland across to Alice Springs. It is sandy in parts and can be impassable when wet. It is recommended for four-wheel drive vehicles only.

The Plenty Highway is bitumen to just past Gemtree and is then a gravel road to the Queensland border where it changes to the Donohue Highway. This section is a mixture of gravel, black soil and a short distance is now bitumen.
The Georgina River provides some wonderful campsites, but the whole road becomes impassabie in the wet. There are sections of extreme bulldust and corrugations along the way which alter regularly depending on the traffic and if the graders have been through. Caravans, conventional vehicles and trailers are not recommended to travel this road.

Despite the conditions of the road, this is one of tne more picturesque shortcut tracks in this area. The terrain is completely flat, the Spinifex grass a vibrant green, and various species of wildflowers line the roadsides after rain.


The Sandover is another route to north-west Queensland from Central Australia. Access is 27 kilometres along the Plenty Highway. It is 691 kilometres tom the Plenty Highway turn off to the Barkly Highway turn-off.

The highway is gravel and can become impassable after rai-Bulldust is a common hazard, particularly when encounterirg road trains. Carry plenty of water and spare fuel, as the distance between fuel stops is quite log.

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